Friday, August 28, 2009

I noticed a visitor in the house today.

As I was making dinner, I noticed this pretty little (er, well, not so little! She was CHUNKY! hehe) ladybug on Jackson's vacation bible school plant (that were planted from seeds! They're growing great!).
I tried to pick it up to put it outside, but she was fast and ran all over the plant and then finally flew away. I later found her on the apples and was successful in putting her outside. :)
It surprised me that she was able to get in the house, find a plant (one of only TWO living plants in my house, the second one being Taylor's vbs plant, which is right next to this one, lol) and look like she was just going to set up shop here! It's funny how tiny animals can "think". At least
I find that amusing. :)

((as always, these images are clickable to view enlarged.))

These are a few pictures I snapped today after these "messy" flowers caught my eye as I was sweeping and I realized how beautiful they were!

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