Thursday, November 5, 2009

Out of control plant.

I think I've posted a post on here with one of these little plants, but I can't remember. No, yes, I do remember, it's the post with the close-up pics of the lady bug found here and here is another refrence to this crazy, out of control growing plant and how fast it grows here.
I don't know what kind of plant this is, but it's going to be hitting my ceiling in a matter of days. And I have NOWHERE else to put it!!! Nowhere else in my house gets good sunlight because of the way my house sits and having no real windows in the front of the house, only in the back. Hmmmm, any ideas on where to put it? Would it wither and die without a ton of sunlight? It's a crazy plant, for sure!!!!!

My daugher is on the crazy side.

My little girl definitely has her moments. I'm one of the lucky ones though, neither one of my kids are hyper very often. They have their hyper times, but in general, are not hyper kids. Whew! I think I would literally (quite literally) go in sane if my kids were hyper. There's no way I could keep up!
But last night Taylor was having a hyper moment. I'm not sure what it was, but something was making her not sit still and just be up in everyone's business!! :) Of course I had to get my camera out when she started pulling herself along on the floor. LOL!