Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daisey and her (my) Snuggie and her (my) heating pad.

My little puppy loves heat. "Loves" is quite the understatement though. She adores it, craves it, HAS to have it - it's like her crack. :) When one of my very VERY dear friends got me a Snuggie, it quickly became "our" Snuggie because Daisey HAS to share it with me. Now she's learned of a heating pad. She can't get enough. She lays on it (shown above) and UNDER it! (shown below) She cracks me up. I turn it off quite a bit though, because I'm afraid she'll cook herself. ;) hehe
Daisey is my silly, sweet funny puppy. :)


  1. I think Daisy and I are quite alike! In college - before they created the fabulous Snuggie - and I had no electric blanket for a while .... I stole my mom's heating pad. I'd cuddle up in a ball under it or on it and just soak up all of its warmy goodness!

    I use my heater at work year round. I'm not satisfied until I am so warm the heater turns my legs red!

  2. Oh poop - I spelled her name wrong.